Blunt Umbrella SALE

Blunt Umbrella is the solution to all of your umbrella problems, helping you to get the most of your all-weather shade for longer. Order a new Blunt umbrella online today from Onceit and enjoy big savings on RRP as well as quick and easy shipping to your door anywhere in New Zealand. 

Using the latest technological innovations, Blunt has managed to create a solution for the age-old problem of wind and umbrellas. Despite being made for inclement weather, every brolly user knows that the umbrella is usually the least favourite and absolute final option when you find yourself stuck out in a storm. You can’t trust that it won’t blow suddenly and unpredictably inside out, making the problem of trudging through bad weather slightly worse than it already was. Or, that it might suddenly collapse only on one side and drench you in cold rainwater. Or, that it might snatch a fast current underneath the canopy and nearly sweep you up into the air. Well, worry no more now that Blunt has found a no-nonsense umbrella that keeps the weather off the way it’s supposed to.

It’s the signature, patented design that keeps the canopy under specific tension when in use and it’s why your Blunt umbrella is so reliable. Every single Blunt umbrella goes through a rigorous 38 quality control check before it reaches you and is backed up by a no-nonsense global warranty to ensure you get years of use from your Blunt. 

The Blunt Classic is the traditional umbrella re-imagined. This innovative and lightweight design is perfect for anyone who appreciates the style and experience of just good quality design and immediate, practical application. The Classic is the original full-sized, full-length and fully tensioned high-performance umbrella. Featuring the patented Blunt™ Tips and easy-grip handle, the coverage you get from the Blunt Umbrella Classic makes it the must-have companion for day-long downpours.

The Blunt Lite + UV is the ultimate lightweight all-weather umbrella, perfect for keeping up and keeping the rain, hail or sun off. With its opaque light-blocking canopy fabric it blocks 99.99% of the sunlight and more than 99% of the ultra-violet light. Not only does the Lite + UV protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, but it also creates some shade reducing temperatures under the canopy up to 4˚ making it the ideal Blunt umbrella choice for every season from summer through to winter and back again. These fantastic, quality umbrellas are also available in luscious and luminous pink as well as more sedate and classic colours like black, green, navy and grey. Also enjoy a range of patterned styles like camouflage and hi-vis yellows so you remain visible in any weather and at any time of the night.

The compact, convenient and collapsible Blunt Metro is perfect for the urban dweller who is generally very busy people moving quickly and lightweight through very busy places, sometimes in the rain and the hail and the snow. With 100cm coverage, the Metro is perfectly sized to give you coverage while not taking up too much street space so there are no annoying moments when you a fellow commuter awkwardly bump umbrellas in the street and have to swirl away from one another. Or, if you enjoy that kind of morning commuter interaction, then you can still make the most of your mornings with this robust and stylish umbrella that can stand more than a few knocks as well as being wind tested to 88km/h. The Metro's auto-open canopy easily opens with the push of a button, and collapses and slides neatly into the carry sleeve that actually fits it. There is nothing worse than brilliant design that doesn’t quite match up practically when you’re using your item every day. Blunt have solved this problem by carefully paying attention to every little detail, helping you make the most from your Blunt products for longer. At 37.5cm in length, you can whip your Blunt out of your handbag or briefcase whenever the weather acts up.

The Executive range of Blunt umbrellas starts with a broad and elegant canopy that is perfect for business, walking the golf course, your daily commute or for just a wider and more comfortable umbrella experience. For those whose business it is to keep others dry, you’re on to a winner with the Exec range from Blunt, without a doubt. The largest full-length street umbrella in the Blunt™ range, with a stylish handle strap, the Exec is big enough for at least two people making it perfect for rainy morning coffee runs or lunchtime meetings out of the office. Comes with a black carry sleeve that it actually fits and which you can actually slide quickly and easily back on when your Blunt umbrella isn’t needed.

Where to buy a blunt umbrella in New Zealand?

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