Here at Onceit, we are constantly working towards becoming a more sustainable business and in doing so we encourage our customers to follow our initiative.

New Zealanders use over 1.6 billion plastic bags in the home every year, which end up in landfills, litter, or even worse – our oceans. We take reducing waste seriously and that is why one of our biggest initiatives is ensuring that our packaging is sustainable. All of our boxes are made from recycled card so are fully recyclable through your local council collection, and our courier bags can be recycled through your nearest soft plastics recycling collection bin. For more information on the location of your local soft plastics bin click here.

As a growing business we have taken on the goal to “Use less & recycle more” – which extends from our Head Office to our Distribution Centre.

We understand we have a responsibility to our community, to manage our impact on the environment and stay responsible for our commercial waste. To ensure we divert our waste away from landfills we use Reclaim. Reclaim is a market leader in the commercial collection of recyclables that finds markets for these resources to be made back into new products.

In addition to our commercial efforts, 2018 brings Onceit the establishment of an employee run “Green Committee”. The Committee was formed to help identify where we have the biggest opportunities to make positive changes to our business.

The team have already introduced a number of initiatives to help keep our footprint down:

  • Ensuring our recyclables are clean so that they’re not taken to landfill
  • Establishing a separate soft plastics bin in our Head Office & Distribution Centre
  • Ordering groceries in bulk & having them delivered in banana boxes
  • Using environment friendly cleaning products
  • Turning off computers, electronics and lights when not in use
  • Going “green” with more plants added to the office to the help clean the air

We are always looking for new and initiative ways to improve our sustainability, so for feedback, suggestions or more information about how we manage our waste & recycling please get in touch at (09) 973 5442.